Sunday, April 2, 2017

The final chapter!

I will graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Oregon Health & Science University in 8 short weeks; a dream that sprouted at age 16 when I began researching nursing schools. Never in a million years, looking back, would I have thought I'd make it to this point! I battled depression in high school that ran deep as I balanced chronic pain and hiding who I was, wondering each day how I'd make it to another. Well, now if I can stand tall as someone who can preach to another in-the-closet teen that "IT GETS BETTER" my life will be complete! Because it does get better. I met someone who complements my soul every single day and makes every day feel like Summer, and I've gotten my body to a healthy point of no chronic pain.

This coming term at school will be hard; 24-36 hours per week in clinical (Doernbecher NICU), working at my job part-time, class, lab, and other life balances will probably stretch me thin...but I am ready and prepared to dominate this term more than any before!!!

Other milestones to celebrate:

I made a lifestyle change 12 weeks ago to become plant-based vegan and not only have I lost 9.6lbs, every aspect of my life has benefited. Almost no anxiety, no indigestion, no eczema, better sleep, etc.

We just booked a "girls" trip to Hawaii for July with one of Holly's friends who is about to move to the east coast to finish her Masters degree in public health. She has never been to Hawaii so our plan is to get her addicted; won't be very hard.

In September Holly and I will be adventuring across the ocean to EUROPE. We will tour around London, Paris, Spain and Amsterdam in that order.

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